Sunday, 15 September 2019

Mallorca Trip - Part #4 - On the Trail

Gwen found some interesting hiking routes from Port de Pollença.  

As a (now) experienced hiker here's my top tips. Never carry water - even in hot, dry climates. Always wear appropriate footwear - flip-flops or open toe sandals are ideal. Don't bother with a map - it inhibits your free roaming spirit. And if in doubt - follow the folk in front. They probably know where they're going.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Mallorca Trip - Part #3 - Food and Drink

Gwen about to enjoy a lunch of Pa amd Oli (bread & oil) a common Mallorcan dish. Crusty bread with olive oil, garlic & tomato topped (in this case) with cured meats.

This was a funny one. We stopped at this bar for a drink and I liked the look of the place - full of locals. The menu was very brief - paella followed by pork or fish. Including water, wine and a dessert - €10 or €12 - I guessed that "Socio" meant a discount for the unwaged. It tuned out the clientel were elderly - I think it was a Sunday lunch for the oldies. But we were made welcome.

The local market had a good selection of fruit & veg.

We bought some and I made my "Spanish breakfast" - fried potatoes, peppers, egg and chorizo.

To us from the chilly north the fruit in the villa's garden - grapes and pomegranates - feels exotic.

So much wine, so little time!

Near our villa were these fast food vending machines. It doesn't seem necessary in a place where you an order dinner at 10pm.

The doner kebab sandwich would go down well in Glasgow

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Mallorca Trip - Part #2 - A Walk Around Town

Pollença is a great town to to stroll around. It has plenty of winding streets and old buildings.   

The town centre

Tourists in 1912

Shall we tackle the steps?…

….it's at little warm (97F)

Pure Spain. A hairpin bend with no barrier. I guess the cross is to those who didn't make it.

Roman Bridge (maybe not actually Roman, no one knows)

Even this derelict carpet factory looks picturesque

Monday, 9 September 2019

Mallorca Trip - Part #1

Last week we spent a very pleasant week in the Spanish island of Mallorca. We had a villa outside the town of Pollença in the north of the island. This is a beautiful little place with lots of nice bars and restaurants. It's a popular tourist destination but retains its Spanish charm. 

Gwen has a talent for getting good deals. This villa was fantastic. In the countryside but an easy walk into town.

Gwen loved the pool

Even I got in on the action!

A landmark in the town are these stair to a hilltop church

Our favourite bar in town. "Ca'n Moixet" = "the House of the Kitten" in Catalan. We had a drink and some tapas here most evenings.

Port de Pollença is a short bus journey away.

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Featured Bike - Cyclemaster

Last Sunday I went to a classic vehicle show in Ladybank, Fife with my friend Malcolm. He has a Cyclemaster which he is trying to get working so took interest in one on display.

The Cyclemaster was a power rear wheel that was fitted to a bicycle to provide (very) basic transport. It was a Dutch/German design that was manufactured in the UK by EMI, the music & entertainment company. Produced 1950-58.

Period advert

This is taking things way too far!

                                               This video makes it all look quite fun

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Run to Galloway

We are enduring a spell of unsettled weather but it brightened up today allowing me to go for a run to the Rhins of Galloway - a peninsular in the south west corner of the country.  

Fluffy clouds over the sea (Loch Ryan) at Stranraer

A new road for me - along the west coast

Port Logan

I met a couple of guys on matching BSA A65s

Kirkmaiden Old Church (1638)

A family plot…..

….with a good view

Another old church, Kilmadrine

It contains something interesting and very old. The Kilmadrine Stones date from the 5th or 6th century to the 12th century. The Latin inscriptions are quite clear.

Old gravestone. The compass and square (bottom) is a masonic symbol.

Glen Trool on the way home