Sunday, 18 November 2018

First Run of the Winter

Well, it depends on what you call "winter". For me it starts in mid-November when frosts are common and I have to wrap up well to ride.

It was cool today but blue skies and sunshine meant that I had to get out for a run to Galloway.  

My garden weather station (the bird bath) indicates that it's cold

Heading into the Ayrshire countryside

I often complain about a lack of road signs in the countryside….but sometimes they're there if you look hard enough.

Head for the sun

In the woods - brighter now that the leaves have gone

Newton Stewart

Sun over the Solway Firth

A remote hill road

Heated grips were essential today

Loch Ken was tranquil today

The Water of Ken

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Fixing a Cheap Travel Shaver

No "Tales from the Road" for you. As usual at this time of year it is dull & damp and I really don't want to be riding. So here's a little "fixing" post.

I have a small travel shaver, a Remington R95, that I use only occasionally. It started to become weak - the battery was obviously not charging fully. As you will see this is not intended to be a user serviceable item but I thought I'd try to revive it. 
The razor

Now let me say that a local store sells this shaver for £12.50 ($15) so any sensible person would just buy a new one. But this is my stand against the disposable society! 

It was a little fiddly but the shaver came apart ok. The battery is a single rechargeable AAA. It is fixed to the circuit board by tabs that could not easily be removed. I think the tabs are spot welded to the battery terminals. (my soldering iron had no effect) This meant that I had to de-solder the tabs from the circuit board. 

In bits

Battery removed

I got a new rechargeable battery and soldered some copper wire to the terminals and soldered to wires on to the circuit board.

I put it all back together….and it seems to be charging.

It works!

Friday, 26 October 2018

Hobbs & Shaw

There was some excitement in Glasgow this week because a Hollywood movie was being filmed in the city centre. There were many car chases because the film, Hobbs & Shaw, is a spin-off from the Fast & the Furious series.

I caught some bike action this afternoon during my regular visit to town for Friday lunch.

Stuntman on a Triumph Speed Triple (I think) connected to the film wagon


I think I'm in the shot.

This was quite a contraption. A heavily modified bike with a movie camera cantilevered out front.

It seems like Glasgow is standing in for London going by this bus (parking in my usual bike space!)

Blown up bus.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Autumn Colours

As I usually do at this time of year I went looking for some autumn foliage in the Scottish Borders today. 

In the middle of nowhere (near Newcastleton)…..

…I came across a sign to Saughtree Station. It closed in 1956 but the sign remains.

Another old railway sign.

In the hills above Newcastleton

At the border of the Borders

Outside Langholm there is this monument to General John Malcolm. I'm sure there is a good view from up there.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Cumbrian Run

We've had a lot of bad weather recently. Its been cool, cloudy and wet. But the weatherman promised some respite today with sunshine and warmth. I thought "where haven't I been for a while?" and came up with Cumbria, across the border in NW England.  
The River Esk at Longtown. I assume the two guys on the gravel island are anglers. Thinking about it they don't seem to have any way of getting off the island.

This area has many quaint old pubs like this one in Newbiggin.

Autumn berries

Follow the sun!

Cumbrian landscape
Old-style road sign. These signs look new but "Cumberland County Council" ceased to exist in 1974 - so maybe they are just being very well maintained.

A country crossroads - a good time to check the map.

Another Cumbrian landscape. Dry stone walls are common.

"The Little Chippy" in Penrith provided lunch.

Another tempting pub in Dacre
St Kentigern's Church in Mungrisdale (1756)

Now this is what I call a biking road! - Caldbeck Common (I think)

Wild Fell ponies

I came across this ford. After a quick inspection I crossed without a problem.
As someone who has worked on old bridges this one looks really old. Hesket Bridge - information is vague "mid 18th century" - older than that I'd think.

Beside the sea at Silloth.