Saturday 21 July 2012


Tent....check, sleeping bag....check, Amazon rain forest insect repellent.....check, enough waterproof clothing to survive a biblical flood....check. Ah the pleasures of a weekend camping trip to the Scottish Highlands.

Applecross is a tiny coastal village in the remote Northwest Highlands of Scotland. Famous because access is via a spectacular climb over Bealach na Ba (the Pass of the Cattle)

This area is a very sparsely populated wilderness with many lochs, mountains, moors and great roads with very little traffic. Rare things in our crowded little island.  

Our party was myself (FJ1200), Norman & Terry (both MZ Skorpions), Mike (Triumph Sprint ST) & Gareth (Kawa KLE500)

I took lots of photographs because it is a truly epic landscape.

Loch Achtriochtan, Glencoe


Rock cairns at Loch Loyne

 Eilean Donan Castle

 View from the Skye Bridge

 Bealach na Ba

 Applecross - sun over the Inner Sound and Isle of Raasay


The Inn where we had a pint

 Heading towards the Torridon Hills

"Palm tree" at Plockton

 Glen Docherty & Loch Maree

And the repellent & waterproofs were not needed!


  1. Stone gorgeous, I've put a link to it on Bridge Club. Hope that suits.


  2. Nice photos. Looks like you made the right choice in leaving on Saturday. Sunday was a bit grim, with heavy gusting winds making riding a bit of a chore. Ah, the joys of summer in the UK.

  3. Concur with Mike, great photos and you definitely made the right choice leaving Friday you chancer!

  4. Stunning views, just beautiful. A friend of mine just gave me a road guide from your part of the world. The lady that gave it to him said, don't believe these pictures...they took them when the sun was out and the skies were blue, it never looks like that when I'm there!

  5. Sadly true hence the saying "if you can't see the mountains it's raining and if you can see the mountains it's about to rain.