Monday, 24 February 2014

Winter Olympics - The Scottish Connection

With the Winter Olympics concluding in Sochi this last weekend I realised that I had taken a couple of photographs in the past weeks that have a (slight) connection.

Firstly the CBF in Girvan. The island in the distance is Ailsa Craig. It is a volcanic plug located 10 miles offshore. It is made of a rare type of granite that is used for making curling stones. Most stones in the world, including those used in Sochi, were quarried from the island and made by Kays of Mauchline. 

The island is for sale! here

Still  on the sport of curling. This is the Lake of Menteith near Aberfoyle on a gloomy day at the end of last month. If the lake freezes over a curling match or Bonspiel is held. As you can see the mild winter means the lake is devoid of ice. The last Bonspiel was in 1979 though there was one planned in the cold winter of 2010 but abandoned for safety reasons. The Bonspiel may have become a victim of climate change.

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