Wednesday, 26 August 2015

FJ Brake Problem

It's not often that my Yamaha FJ1200 "fails to proceed" but that happened today. While riding on the back roads of South Lanarkshire I noticed that the brakes were binding a bit. Then they started to bind a lot more - to the point the bike wouldn't pick away. The right disc was very warm by this time.

At this point I started to regret not carrying a tool kit. I was in the sticks and had to think of a way to get going. With some difficulty I managed to remove the pads from the caliper using a tyre plug installing tool and a rock from a nearby field. It's unusual for a brake to bind so dramatically and I'll strip the caliper to clean, lubricate & check it out. 
I suppose there are worst places to break down
The "tool kit" I used to remove the pads

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