Friday, 3 February 2017

Keeping the MOT Man Happy.....

....or eBay saves the day again.....or be careful in your purchases.

I took my CBF250 for its MOT (UK annual safety check) at the start of the year. It passed but Barry, the tester, said that I needed a new front disc. I admit to being a bit incautious with discs. So long as they aren’t warped and they stop the bike I'm happy. But on this occasion he had a point. The disc had severe wear. It gets a hard time because the bike is used in winter so exposed to dirt & grit etc.

Bike discs are pricey (£142 for a genuine Honda item or half that for a pattern part) but given the bike is in the autumn of its years I took a chance on a used part from eBay. Parts for the CBF250 are rare but luckily it shares parts with more common bikes. In case of the disc the CBR125 uses the same one. 125cc bikes are common in the UK because they can be ridden by learners, ie those who have not passed the test. Learners crash a lot hence plenty of parts.

I searched eBay and found a nice one for only £17. It arrived and it was indeed in good condition. I set about fitting it but hit a problem Although looking similar it had six mounting holes rather than the CBF's five. Damn! seems that different models of the CBR125 used different discs.

Back to eBay and I found a five hole disc, again in good condition, for a mere £12.

*ahem* - some wear was evident....

....the new one was much better
New pads

Old and new. Can you see the problem here?

Take two! - 2nd new disc fitted
So if any wants a free Honda CBR125 front disc (6 holes) let me know.

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