Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Getting Out and About

The worst thing about being ill (broken collar bone - healing, brain damage - suspected but not confirmed - I doubt it) is boredom. What do I do?. My solution is get out of the house and consume some alcohol. Is this possible? I'm in Glasgow, we have good public transport and pubs everywhere - so let's go!

My portal to the world is my local bus stop

Bang on time the bus arrives

First stop is the Clockwork in Cathcart, a pub, diner, microbewery

The first of the day - a pint of Runabout Stout (brewed in-house). The prices are for a 5 litre keg.

This building is the Battlefield rest. Now an Italian restaurant it was built in 1915 as an ornate waiting room for the tram service,

Why is this area called "Battlefield"? Because there was a battle here in 1568. I'm interested in Scottish history but this one is boring. "A family quarrel" according to Wikipedia. Look for "Battle of Langside" if you're interested.

An impressive building. "The Church on the Hill"? I wonder of they serve booze?….
They sure do!

A pint of Amstel

I'm told that white socks with sandals is a fashion faux pas. I say anything goes when you're ill.

While in Shawlands I passed the first house that we owned. A typical Glasgow sandstone tenement dating to the start of the last century. I common purchase for the young. They were affordable and spacey. After a few years people, like us, sold on and bought a bigger place.

This brings back memories. I lived here as a child and this was the local cinema. On Saturday mornings they had "ABC Minors" a club for kids that showed cartoons and old American serials. It was a riot with kids running about and shouting. My favourite was " Commando Cody". A kind of 1950's Iron Man with a flying suit.

There is now a bar called "The Waverley Tearoom"

My tipple - a couple of Estrella. A very minor pub crawl by Scottish standards but all things in moderation, eh?


  1. Good, to see you out and about... all the beer... are you self medicating?

    1. Beer plus ibuprofen seems to take the edge off things.

  2. A satisfactory binge and history tour! Keep up the good work :-)

  3. I am glad you have such a great transit system. Beer must be good for the healing process too.

    I noticed in that one picture of your Roundabout Stout they were also serving Oregon IPA, I wonder if it is made with Oregon hops. We grow a lot, and I mean a lot, of hops here in Oregon.

    1. The brewery don't say much about it but I found out it is "an American style pale ale" made with Centennial and Chinook hops from your part of the world. Hops in the UK mostly come from Kent in SE England (I think)

      I felt great after my day out (the fresh air as well as the beer) but today I was tired and lethargic. I think I'll have to go for another bus or train trip to perk me up!