Wednesday, 4 June 2014

CBF Spring Clean 2014 - Part#3

 Bits don't often fall off a Honda but I lost the rear reflector from below the tail light. I think that this is a legal rquirement so it has to be replaced.

 I got a couple of self-adhesive reflectors for a couple of pounds

 Trimmed and stuck in place

A slight annoyance I'm fixing here are the footrests. Both the rider & passenger rests are flapping about a bit. The rests are held in position by the rubbers. They have compressed a little meaning that the rests are not firmly held in the up or down position. The simplest way of fixing this is to double up the steel plate pressing against the rubbers.

The footrests apart

Start by drilling a sheet of steel

Much filing later

Join the old & new with a tack weld


I'm trying out this stone chip paint 

The hangers are cleaned & lacquered


The mirrors are corroded and the ball joint has seized

A new pair were only £20

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