Monday, 9 June 2014

Classic Racing at East Fortune

An excellent day out on Sunday at the classic racing at East Fortune with Malcolm & Ron. Malcolm took us a less than direct route to the races because he wanted to try out his newly acquired Kawasaki W650 on the twisties. We took some great roads through the countryside in warm & sunny weather.

 Harley outfit

Yamaha TZ700

Adler 250 - this engine was copied by Yamaha

MV Agusta triple racer. So beautiful it's worth two photos - it's a pity you can't hear the howl of the engine.

Honda 500/4


Another great sounding bike - a Benelli 4
 Yours truly trying out the W650 and very nice it was too. The retro experience is added to by the kick starter (its got electric as well, of course) and it is easy to kick.

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