Friday, 16 September 2016

(Another) Run to Dumfries & Galloway and a bit of research needed - Part#1

(Run on 29th August)

I've spent a lot of this summer in southern Scotland. The regions of Dumfries & Galloway and the Scottish Borders have some great roads and lots to see both natural and man-made. It's not far from home and the roads seem to suit my recently acquired Suzuki SV650.

There was a theme to the photographs taken today but I'm not quite sure that that is. Maybe "things I've seen before but never took that much notice of" or "things that I had to research later to find out about them". Anyway here they are.
Memorial to those killed in locals mines in Kirkconnel. A reminder of how dangerous getting coal out of the ground was.

The mines are gone but the signs remain. This is the spoil heaps of Gateside Colliery (I think) near Sanquhar.

The Tollbooth/Townhouse in Sanquhar.

It has shields painted by (I assume) local schoolchildren. This was for the "Riding of the Marches" ceremony where the locals ride round the town on horses recalling the lawless days when this was necessary to protect livestock etc from theft.  

Also in Sanquhar there is this obelisk. It is to commemorate the "Sanquhar Declarations". This was a speech by the Covenanters disavowing allegiance to King Charles II. This eventually led to the overthrow of his brother, King James VII, in the religious wars of the 17th century.

Again in Sanquhar there is this very modest church. It looks like a corner shop and is home to the Apostolic Church of God. I hadn't heard of them before but apparently believe in "the total depravity of humanity" Yeah, well, you speak for yourselves.

At Thornhill this roundabout has a stone column topped with a statue of Pegasus. This seems to act as a market cross (although not a cross) and signified that the town was allowed to hold a market.

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