Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Portugal - Tavira

A short train journey from Fuseta is the beautiful town of Tavera

Igreja de São Paulo (Church of St Paul)

This teaches the school kids about the European Union. I suppose they'll have to chisel the UK off in the near future.

In the Irish pub…..

….a very grand Irish pub

This was one of the reasons we visited Tavira. It doesn't look much but they make awesome pizzas.

Our favourite is the Pizza Barco (Boat) It's full of a gooey mixture of onions, peppers, pork meat, spicy tomato sauce & cream.

The roundabout at the train station. The things on the poles are ears…or pork chops, anyway they rotate in the wind.


  1. Oooh the pizza boat looks delish. Damn, now I am hungry.

    Quite the building housing the pub. It looks very nice contrasted with the blue sky.

    1. I don't usually photograph my meals, but on this occasion….