Saturday, 17 September 2016

(Another) Run to Dumfries & Galloway - Part#2

Loch Ettrick - popular with fishermen.

The village of Ae has a totem pole. Fun fact - this is the place with the shortest name in Britain.

Drumcoltran Tower. Early 16th century tower house. The farm built around it dates from a couple of centuries later.

The small church at Kirkgunzeon.

This impressive tombstone belongs to a wealthy merchant

I'm delayed for a short time by a farmer herding his beasts along the road.

The remains of Wreathes Tower near Southness. 16th century. Thought to have belonged to James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton. He was regent (ie ruler) of Scotland when King James VI was a child. He was later executed by "The Maiden", a Scottish version of the guillotine. This may be ironic since legend has it that it was he who introduced the device into the country. The Maiden still exists and can be seen in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Southness lighthouse. Built 1784 and still in use (I think)

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