Friday 28 December 2012

Gerry Anderson RIP

This week saw the death of a childhood hero of mine, Gerry Anderson, at the age of 83. He made numerous children's TV shows from the late '50's to the '90's. But it is the puppet space shows of the '60's that were my era. Supercar, Fireball XL5, Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons (I didn't like Stingray). And of course the greatest of them all - Thunderbirds. High production values, colourful, an array of space ships & other futuristic vehicles, always lots of massive explosions and a great theme tune.

Saturday 22 December 2012

Featured Bike - Norton Wulf 500cc Prototype 1975

I was interested in this bike because it reminded me of my old Suzuki GT500 I rode ages ago. It is also a 500cc two stroke twin but the engine uses an unusual "stepped piston" design where the lower chamber pumps the mixture to the opposite cylinder rather than through the crankcase thus lowering emissions because the crankshaft does not need to be lubricated by the mixture.

The bike never reached production because of the state of the British bike industry at the time and the era of the two stroke was coming to an end.

Photographed at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham in 2009.

How it works

Lost in Translation

Strange menu item from the Spanish Canary Island of Fuerteventura this week.

Wednesday 5 December 2012

Out in the Cold

I've not been far on the bike over the last couple of weeks due to persistent freezing conditions. But today it was sunny so I decided to wrap up warm (thermals, mitts, balaclava, multiple layers of clothing etc) and take a short run down to the coast. The roads were mostly clear but any untreated surfaces were solid with ice.

         Port Glasgow

"Ginger" by sculptor Andy Scott in Greenock. Ginger was a local dray horse who sadly fell into the harbour & drowned in 1889. Not one of Andy's best I think. The head & neck don't match the body.

The Pole Star is a lightship supply vessel that was built locally.

 The great Scottish Engineer James Watt was from Greenock

 Me at Gourock in my winter gear.

Memorial to Free French Navy that operated from Greenock during the war.

 View of the Firth of Clyde from the memorial

 Nymph statue, also by Andy Scott, Greenock

Our horse Fritz, like me, wrapped up against the cold.

Well I stayed warm & comfortable during the short run and had a very enjoyable afternoon out.