Tuesday 22 April 2014


I'm not keen on shopping but one place I do like to visit is Bill's Tool Store in Glasgow's "Barras" (a market area where traders originally sold goods from barrows - barras in the local dialect.) I went there today to get a 30mm socket for work on the CBF (£3.50!)


Sunday 20 April 2014

Yorkhill Easter Egg Run

Fine weather meant a good turnout for the annual charity run through Glasgow for the Sick Children's Hospital

Thursday 17 April 2014

Featured Bike - Skyteam Ace 125

A guy turned up on this bike at the classics meeting at Muckhart. It is an interestingly styled Chinese mini-café racer. It looks like a copy of the Honda Dream 50 from the late '90's which was in turn styled to look like the 1962 CR110 50cc racer. The Ace is powered by the Honda CG125 ohv engine found in many bikes from China.

Ace 125
Dream 50


Sunday 13 April 2014

Classics at Muckhart

The Scottish Classic Motorcycle Club meeting at the Muckhart Inn today.

One for brother Norman. He had a BMW R75/6 at one time. I don't remember his being as nice as this.
My FJ surrounded by Kawa ZXRs
A couple of bikes I rode way back were there today and it was good to talk to their owners about them. Suzuki GT500 & Honda CB250RS

Wednesday 9 April 2014

CBF Spring Clean 2014 - Prelude

It is my custom to take the CBF off the road for a couple of weeks at this time of year to attend to maintenance or repair issues. With the FJ back in use I can work on the bike at my leisure. The little bike has done  8,000 miles since last years "spring clean" but there aren’t any major issues, just a bit of cleaning up here and there and few things to fix.

The CBF is my only transport from October to April and is run nearly every day during that period. This winter was mild - very little frost or snow but a lot of rain. The bike was therefore not exposed to as much de-icing salt as usual. The downside of that is that I didn't jet wash it as much as usual.