Wednesday 29 October 2014

Guy Martin - Speed, Series 2, Pike's Peak Bike

Motorcycle racer Guy Martin is back for a second series of speed related challenges. In the second in the series he builds & races a bike at the Pike's Peak Hillclimb in Colorado. The bike is a turbo charged 1991 Suzuki GSX1100.

Channel 4, 8:00pm Sunday Nov 2nd

In the first programme he attempts to beat the 24 hour tandem cycling record.
Catch up at 4OD (UK only)

Saturday 25 October 2014

Jack Bruce RIP

The greats of the classic era of Rock seem to be dropping like flies these days. Glasgow born Jack Bruce, best known as the bassist/vocalist in Cream, died today at the age of 71.

This clip from 1990 shows his distinctive bass style playing with Rory Gallagher. It's the Cream song "Politician" and amazingly Jack seems to be teaching Rory the riff immediately before they take to the stage.  


Friday 24 October 2014

CBF Washable Air Filter

I'm a big fan of washable air filters. I have K&N filters in both of my FJs. These replace the original paper elements and are made of an oiled cotton fabric supported by a steel mesh. Using a cleaning kit consisting of a detergent spray and filter oil keeps the filter in good condition. I've found that K&N's claim that the filter only needs to be cleaned every 50-100,000 miles to be wildly optimistic. I'd say about 15,000 miles is more like it even in our climate that is generally not dusty. But cleaning & re-oiling is easy and the cleaning kit will last for many years.

K&N don't make a filter for the CBF250 but I found someone who does. Today a DNA filter arrived from Greece. The construction and maintenance are the same as K&N.
Honda paper filter & DNA filter

Any stamp collectors out there?

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Featured Bike - Yamaha FJ-09 (2015)

I'm always interested in a bike that may, at some time in future, replace my venerable FJ1200s. The news that Yamaha had trademarked the name FJ-09 in the USA let to speculation that the company was developing a sports tourer based on the MT-09 (FZ-09).

The bike is expected to be unveiled at the EIMCA bike show in Turin next month and in advance of that photographs have been released (by accident, patently!) It turns out that the bike has "adventure sport" styling like the Suzuki V-Strom, Kawasaki Versys & Triumph Tiger 800. The bike uses the 850cc three cylinder engine, frame, wheels, brakes & suspension (as far as I can see) from the recent MT-09 (FZ-09 in the States) roadster. This bike has been  praised for its performance, light weight, handling & price. Hopefully Yamaha will have addressed the jerky throttle response that was the only criticism of the bike.

Changes from the MT are a bigger tank (the MT has a ridiculous 14 litres), a comfier seat, a small fairing and screen and a centre stand (increasingly rare these days)

Thinking about it, the use of the "FJ" name is strange. "FJR-09" would connect to Yamaha's current big sports tourer. The FJ1200 is 20 years out of production and I'm guessing means little to potential buyers. Also being an "Adventure Sport" rather than a "Sports Tourer" puts in a different class to the FJ. A better name would be "TDM-09" since the bike is the spiritual successor to the TDM 900. This was popular and long running model. But not in the US where it wasn't even sold.  

Sunday 19 October 2014

CBF Clocks De-mist

A slight problem with the CBF that I've not been looking forward to fixing is misting of the clocks. This happens in damp, cool weather and since we're heading that way I thought I'd try to prevent it.

The clocks apart

They're more complex that they used to be
This can't be seen on the bike but there is a small crack. I don't think water gets in here

Maybe water enters at the buttons - I gave them a clean

I treated the insides with an anti-mist polish
Back together and looking clean. Will it work? - Only time will tell.

Friday 3 October 2014

Run to the Cowal Peninsular

Wed 1st Oct 


At the top of the peninsular there is the ruins of Kilmorie Church, the burial place of the Chiefs of the clan MacLachlan.
The road to Otter ferry is narrow and covered in gravel, but has good views of Loch Fyne
I took a loop to the bottom of the peninsular, a road I'd never been on before. At the bottom there a couple of remote houses with this spectacular view to the Isle of Arran & Kintyre
FJ at Kames
The Kyles of Bute
The war memorial at Sandbank on Loch Long
Back on the ferry from Dunoon to Gourock