Thursday 30 January 2020

FJ1200 Mirrors

Here I'm fitting a new pair of mirrors to my FJ1200.

The FJ has fairing mounted mirrors. The originals have long since been replaced because the silvering tarnished. It now has a pair of pattern mirrors - YZF600, I think. These are mounted on a pair of extensions to give a better view. This arrangement is ok but not great - the angle they sit at was never right.   
The mirror point up at an annoying angle

The best mirrors I've used were Suzuki Bandit 1250 items. These have different screw centres but they can be mounted on the originals. I broke a mirror when the bike fell over last year but I saw a pair of pattern ones for £18 so I thought I've give them a go.   
Quality seems ok

I mount the new mirrors on the original Yamaha mounts. Because the thickness of the stalk is different I have to use a washer to get a good fit. 
It's hard to see but Suzuki use a different spacing to Yamaha

Suzuki mirrors

They were starting to tarnish

Measuring up. I made at 2.5mm thick washer to get a good fit

The mirrors fitted. They look good and the stalks are long enough to get a good view behind.

The FJ is not in use at present due to the winter weather but maybe back in use next month…or more likely March.

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Living in a Damp Climate

The local council is resurfacing our footways and road. To this end they displayed an order partially closing the road during the works. This was a piece of paper in a plastic bag attached to a lighting column.

The almost constant rain has filled the bag and it now resembles that which contained a goldfish given as prizes at fairgounds many years ago....or a saline drip.  

"That's why we use laminated orders" said Gwen who works in a neighbouring council. 

Wet, wet, wet

Friday 10 January 2020

The Fleet 2020

This morning I took my annual "fleet" photograph. 
They are:

Honda CBF250 - looking a bit battered because it's been in daily use through the winter.

Yamaha FJ1200 & Suzuki SV650. They are in hibernation at present. I'll ride both this spring/summer/autumn. I favour the FJ for longer runs or when carrying a pillion and the SV for the twisty stuff.