Friday 31 August 2012

Run to Mallaig

Run to Mallaig

On Thursday I took a run to Mallaig. The weather was bright & sunny but with the chill of autumn in the air. 

The route was about 330 miles there & back.

Beinn Dorain & Beinn a' Chaisteil at Tyndrum



On the Coran ferry across Loch Linnhe


FJ at Coran Ferry


I love this - the burn (stream) is the same width as its signboard


Sections of the old road still exist. Barely 6' wide. Near Strontian.


The old bridge at Kinlochmoidart








Tuesday 28 August 2012

Blair Castle Horse Trials

This weekend we went to the Horse Trials at Blair Castle to watch the cross-country section. This must be is the most spectacular and dangerous equestrian sport. Riders wear a protective jacket that inflates in the event of a fall to minimise injuries. Maybe bikers will get this some day. Here is a rider tackling the water complex.

Monday 20 August 2012

More Citroëns

French classic Citroën owners seem to like Scotland - the Auld Alliance? I met up with a group from the French Citroën Traction Avant Club (La Traction Universelle) near Callander this afternoon.

 DS & Traction Avant

"Hiking Buddies of the Universal Traction" apparently

Friday 17 August 2012

Horse Power

The third member of our family is Fritz the Horse. I don't ride often but took a hack round the fields last week. It was fun up to the point I fell off - not caught on camera, fortunately. Here are some screen grabs from video.
"where did you say the brakes are again?"

a nervous grin

There's a bog about here somewhere

"Go on my son!"
Up to speed

Sunday 12 August 2012

Classic Vehicle Show at Biggar

At the show this afternoon
 Matchless scrambler with 1938 G2 engine

 Lovely 1938 Rudge Ulster

1937 Velocette KSS with ohc engine

Velo in Red

 One for brother Norman - his first bike a 1971 Honda CD175 - he didn't always "tour on a single"

 California Highway Patrol Kawasaki

1934 Morgan 3 wheeler with water cooled JAP engine

 This pump engine was running

 1919 Albion truck


Wednesday 8 August 2012

Reading Matter

I've recently acquired a copy of Roy Bacon's "British Motorcycles of the 30's" from eBay at a bargain price. This complements his books on bikes of the 40's/50's and 60's I've also got. If you have any kind of interest in British bikes this series of books is must. They contain a vast amount of information & pictures. Yes I know the 60's book has a mid '70 Trident on the cover.  

Friday 3 August 2012

Roundabout Spotting in Alloa - the Sculptures of Andy Scott

Roundabout spotting in Alloa? - a curious activity you may think but it's not the roundabouts I'm interested in it's what on them. The local council is a major client for sculptor Andy Scott who's work I've featured previously. Kelpies Arria

"Stride" - this was knocked over by an errant car last year.

 "River Spirit"


 "The Bridge"