Sunday, 12 August 2012

Classic Vehicle Show at Biggar

At the show this afternoon
 Matchless scrambler with 1938 G2 engine

 Lovely 1938 Rudge Ulster

1937 Velocette KSS with ohc engine

Velo in Red

 One for brother Norman - his first bike a 1971 Honda CD175 - he didn't always "tour on a single"

 California Highway Patrol Kawasaki

1934 Morgan 3 wheeler with water cooled JAP engine

 This pump engine was running

 1919 Albion truck



  1. My CD175 was never as shiny as that!

  2. Nice old bikes, autos, and big old engines! That old CHP bike reminds me, I almost went to work for the CHP as a mechanic in the seventies. How's your tomatoes in tires doing? My neighbor and I are getting a regular harvest now, with our plants.

    1. Yes I've got a good crop of green tomatoes - just waiting for them to ripen. They're a little late this year.