Friday 24 October 2014

CBF Washable Air Filter

I'm a big fan of washable air filters. I have K&N filters in both of my FJs. These replace the original paper elements and are made of an oiled cotton fabric supported by a steel mesh. Using a cleaning kit consisting of a detergent spray and filter oil keeps the filter in good condition. I've found that K&N's claim that the filter only needs to be cleaned every 50-100,000 miles to be wildly optimistic. I'd say about 15,000 miles is more like it even in our climate that is generally not dusty. But cleaning & re-oiling is easy and the cleaning kit will last for many years.

K&N don't make a filter for the CBF250 but I found someone who does. Today a DNA filter arrived from Greece. The construction and maintenance are the same as K&N.
Honda paper filter & DNA filter

Any stamp collectors out there?

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