Thursday, 17 April 2014

Featured Bike - Skyteam Ace 125

A guy turned up on this bike at the classics meeting at Muckhart. It is an interestingly styled Chinese mini-café racer. It looks like a copy of the Honda Dream 50 from the late '90's which was in turn styled to look like the 1962 CR110 50cc racer. The Ace is powered by the Honda CG125 ohv engine found in many bikes from China.

Ace 125
Dream 50



  1. Interesting...a copy of a copy...sort of. Saw a couple of Dream 50's at the Classic Japanese show last summer in Auburn.

  2. Spotted one of these in a shop in France last year and was a bit disappointed to discover that it wasn't a 'special' However, it was really well done and if I was a teenager looking for something a bit different then I would probably be interested.

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