Sunday, 13 April 2014

Classics at Muckhart

The Scottish Classic Motorcycle Club meeting at the Muckhart Inn today.

One for brother Norman. He had a BMW R75/6 at one time. I don't remember his being as nice as this.
My FJ surrounded by Kawa ZXRs
A couple of bikes I rode way back were there today and it was good to talk to their owners about them. Suzuki GT500 & Honda CB250RS


  1. Nice variety of bikes on show there. Saw some from this show posted up on Facebook as well. Is the little Honda a 70cc bike? Reminds me of one a friend had around 1975-76.

  2. It's a SS50. The "N" reg indicates late 1974, early 1975. If you look closely the bike actually has pedals. Up to 1977 a bike classed as a "moped" needed these in the UK. They could be ridden at age 16 rather than 17 for a motorcycle.