Friday, 16 March 2012

Featured Bike - Kawasaki Avenger 350cc

I photographed this bike at the Pebbles bike show 10 years ago. The Avenger was a twin cylinder two stroke produced 1967-71. It had twin disc valves with the carbs located at the ends of the crank and behind the engine casings. The bike claimed 42bhp - more than most 500s of the time. The Avenger was replaced by the mad and bad triples.

Kawasakis of this era are very rare in the UK - I don't know if this model was ever sold here.


  1. They sold quite a few of the Avengers and the 'Samurai' 250's, in the states. A lot of the ones in my town were the Scrambler high-pipe models. A lot of the 250's were actually 'stealth' 350's that had the top ends changed. Used to hear stories of disgruntled 350 owners who had lost their 350 barrels and heads...

  2. Kawasaki UK wasn't established until 1974 so early Z1s and triples are rare here. I started biking in '74 and Kawasakis were exotic in those days.