Tuesday 20 November 2012

Solway Coast Run - Part 3

For the final part of our journey we cross the border into England.

Burgh by Sands to St Bees Head

The River Esk flows into the Solway just south of the border

King Edward I monument, Burgh by Sands. He died here in 1307 on the way to fight the Scots.

Salt marshes outside Burgh by Sands

Radio station at Anthorn. This is a NATO facility for submarine communications using very low frequency transmitters

Seafront at Silloth

Ice Cream at Silloth

The harbour at Maryport

The FJ at the marina at Whitehaven. In the past this was a major port exporting coal but has been redeveloped.

The end of the journey - St Bees Head.

Well that's the journey completed. I really enjoyed touring this area that is, especially on the Scottish side, quiet and undeveloped and not full of tourists even in high summer. The route was about 250 miles and took a bit of planning since, in general, the main roads in Scotland are remote from the coast. I did this trip in three journeys from home covering over 800 miles in total.

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