Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Scottish Six Day Trial

The Scottish Six Day Trial is the world's oldest motorcycle trial, dating back to 1909, and also one of the toughest. Based in Fort William it uses the rugged West Highland landscape as the course. I took a run up today to see some of the action. It's not really spectator friendly. The sections are spread over a wide area and most are not accessible by road. The ones that are accessible are hard to find (some signs would be good) The sections are quite short and hard to see the action. But it was a beautiful day for a run - the first of the year that I could say I felt warm.

Loch Linnhe at Fort William
Loch Leven from the Ballachulish Bridge
The FJ at Rannoch Moor
   Competitors tackle the section - a waterfall that would be difficult to climb up let alone ride

Trials bikes are odd things
Competitor rides between sections - not too comfy!

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