Thursday 21 November 2013

Past Bikes - 1977 MZ TS150

Used exclusively as a commuter in the early '80s. It was well made with deep red paintwork but dodgy 6V electrics. Hitting a bump could pop a fuse out and stop the bike. It was a basic two stroke design using oil mixture in the petrol tank for lubrication. I remember the bike most for my only big crash when I ran into the back of a car and ended up in hospital for three months with a broken leg - I've still got the limp 32 years later. It was also the cheapest bike I've bought - £70, I think. I couldn't have liked the bike much because when it stopped going, with an ignition problem, I gave it way.

I look quite happy under the circumstances - it must be the drugs


  1. The TS125/150 model is the only MZ that was officially imported into the UK that I never owned, nor truth be told, ever wanted to own. I'd probably have looked quite happy too if I thought it had been wrecked in the crash.

  2. The bike suffered considerably less damage than me - it just grazed the car. The gear shaft was sheared so the engine had to be stripped but it lived on.