Monday 6 January 2014

On the Box

A few motorcycle-related TV programs I've watched lately.


The guys set out to discover whether a motorcycle can be ridden over water. The answer is yes - for a bit anyway. The finale was Jamie riding a bike into a lake at 80mph and skimming over the surface in a surprisingly controlled manner for 100yards before losing speed and sinking.  


Guy Martin's Speed

Motorcycle racer Martin takes on a number of speed related challenges. This week he also tries to ride on water. Last week he attempted to break the British paced cycle record.

programme  Available for the next 4 weeks on Channel 4OD
series trailer 

James May's Toy Stories

Top Gear presenter May attempts to ride a bike made from meccano round the 37 mile Isle of Man TT circuit. A very slow circuit but the programme has plenty of footage of the island.

Available until 11 January on BBC iPlayer

Channel 4OD & BBC iPlayer are only available in the UK.

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