Tuesday 19 August 2014

Featured Bike - Suzuki GS1000

While at Kirkcaldy for the beach races I spotted this immaculate and original Suzuki GS1000.

Suzuki were the last Japanese factory to introduce a litre bike. The GS1000 appeared in 1978 and was based on the GS750 of 1976, surprisingly Suzuki's first four stroke. The 1000 had a very short production run because Suzuki came up with the 16 valve GSX1100 in 1979.

Suzuki raced the GS1000 and Wes Cooley won the AMA Superbike Championship in 1979 & 80 on a Yoshimura prepared bike. A replica bike, the GS1000S, was sold in 1979 with its blue & white paint scheme and distinctive handlebar fairing. 

Excellent Suzuki site - http://www.suzukicycles.org/
GS1000 at Kirkcaldy
Wes Cooley

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