Wednesday, 10 September 2014

European Marmalade Expedition

In Glencoe today I came across a natty motor home calling itself the "European Marmalade Expedition". It is a Czech family on a year long 60,000 miles journey through Europe making and selling marmalade.

In Scotland this may be a case of "taking coals to Newcastle" because Dundee is strongly associated with making marmalade.

I'll think I'll use "The European Marmalade Expedition" if I'm ever forming a prog rock band!

Parked at Loch Achtriochtan

The story
The website (it may not make a lot of sense - Google translate seems to have trouble with the Czech language) here


  1. Naming a prog rock band? You should use this - I got 'Vermillon Machine'!

  2. But did they have toast as well?