Sunday 23 November 2014

Featured Bikes - Matchless Model X Reloaded & Bienville Legacy

Here's a couple of exotic bikes you're not likely to see down at your local dealers. 

Firstly the Matchless name has been resurrected with the Model X Reloaded. The bike uses a 1,900cc S&S V twin engine. Its produced by the Malenotti family who are notable for making the Belstaff brand fashionable - a feat I'd have though impossible. The original Model X was produced in the 1930's, also with a V twin engine.

The original Model X

Over to New Orleans for the Bienville Legacy. This crazy looking creation is possibly the ugliest bike I've ever seen but is interesting in that it uses the V four 1,650cc Motus engine from the long awaited MST sports tourer. In the Legecy it has been supercharge to produce over 300 bhp! The front & rear suspension consists of a single composite material leaf spring.  

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