Friday, 4 November 2011

Current Bikes - Honda CBF250

Have you ever seen one of these? I hadn't before I bought it and haven't since (except in Spain where they seem popular) Two years ago I needed a commuter bike after the my MZ expired and a used CBF fitted the bill. It was more cash than I intended to spent on a commuter bike but it was in near perfect condition and it reminded me of my old CB250RS. It's made in Brazil and known in some markets as the CBX250 "Twister".

The CBF makes the perfect commuter bike. Light, nimble, easy to ride, reliable. It is also astonishingly economical. 75mpg through town and an amazing 85mpg on the open road. It's not fast - 22bhp gives 80mph top speed with 65mph cruising. In Honda fashion it's fairly well built and totally inoffensive in operation. The engine is an air-cooled single with 4 valves & twin cams. It has a balance shaft that means virtually zero vibration.

Until recently I've used the bike almost exclusively for commuting but it can handle longer runs if you're not in a hurry. I went for a camping weekend on it to Cumbria and it made a capable lightweight tourer. I now use the bike as an everyday runabout and it's fun for runs on the country back roads.

The bike has the following accessories: heated grips, engine bars, a Givi carrier and a flyscreen.

My Honda CBF250

The bike is used all year round

Touring in Cumbria