Saturday, 26 November 2011

Featured Bike - Yamaha GTS1000

The Yamaha GTS1000 was the replacement for the mighty FJ1200 in 1993. The bike used a detuned version of the FZR1000 sports bike engine in a radical hub centre steering frame. The bike also featured early uses of fuel injection, ABS and a catalytic converter. As I recall it was sold through selected Yamaha "Omega" dealers. The bike was not a success and sold in small numbers for only three years. The problems were less power and more weight than the FJ, a high price, and probably biker suspicion of the front end. The bike looked quite good (right side anyway) but are very rare now.  

This one was for sale at the Stafford Classic Show. 
Hub steering arm & shock on left side

Quaint period launch video.


  1. Had recently read a piece about James Parker talking about how Yamaha went wrong on that project.Found it again, if you go to it should bring you to Backmarker:James Parker's new mission, an article by Mark Gardiner. Specifically he talks about how Yamaha made the upper arm of the front suspension too short, which caused heavy steering to go along with all the other weight problems.

  2. Thanks, interesting article. Teles have been about for 70+ years and unlikely to be replaced soon.