Friday 22 June 2012

Summer Scene

Blue skies, fluffy clouds and a field of buttercups - ah, summer in Scotland. This is a panorama made from stitching five images together using Microsoft Image Composite Editor (terrible name!) A free download.


  1. Nice shot(s). My computer came with a program called 'Panorama Maker 5'...have never tried it, maybe I'll have to give it a go. Looks like a beautiful day over there.

    1. Got around to trying the program, impressive. Somehow it knew which seven shots in a group of about twenty to latch on to as soon as I clicked on the first one. Once in a while a computer program works so well, and impresses the heck out of me. Other times, like when I'm trying to put together a blog post...

  2. I've also got "Panorama Maker 4" - it works well and gives some interesting results. Our weather is very changeable - I watch the forecast and try and get out if it's fine.