Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ayr Classic Motorcycle Show

1971 Ducati 450 R/T

 1969 Benelli 250/4 racer

 Spot the similar engines - 1971 Laverda 750 SF & 1961 Honda CB72

1956 Adler MB250

Sacrilege? a much modified 1960 Velocette Venom  

 A real oldie - 1914 Victoria with 270cc Villier two stroke engine - Made in Glasgow
 In the bike park - a Morini 350 and a Suzuki GT380

Mod style scooter


  1. I always wonder why when old Laverdas are written about in magazines, a lot of times the link to the design of the Honda is ignored or down played. Oh well, they are both pretty cool. In the wings I have a '69 305 Superhawk to restore someday. Also with the Benelli sixes, that are so obviously like the Honda 500-550 fours. I think I read somewhere that some parts are interchangable.

  2. The Laverda looks uncannily like a scaled up Honda. This seems to have been deliberate according to Motorcycles Classics.