Wednesday 30 May 2012

Chain time

The chain on the FJ was making "klonky" sounds so I decided to change it. My records show that its done 34,000 miles. The FJ is generally not used in bad weather so that had meant the chain has lasted. The chain came with both spring clip and rivet links. I always use the rivet link so that there's no way it can come loose. I make the chain endless then fit it. This means that I have to remove the swing arm. This isn't a big job and it allows me to lubricate the suspension linkages and touch up the paintwork on the arm.

 The FJ stripped

 The rivet link

 The gearbox sprocket was very badly worn

New chain & sprockets

1 comment:

  1. Love the sprocket. I have one that looks like a ninja throwing star taken off a bike I bought years ago. I keep it to remind me to check these things more often.