Tuesday 5 March 2013

Run to Dumfries

A favourite run of mine today down to Dumfries. The main road, the A76, is good - fast with lots of bends. But today I took the minor road on the west side of the River Nith. This suits the CBF's pace better and, being a cool morning, reduced the wind chill effect.

 Road beside the River Nith

The CBF at Eliock Bridge

I like a yarn, but I'm not buying this one. No way did a horse gouge solid sandstone. If I had to guess, these marks were made by a steel cable being used to remove a fallen tree from the bridge pier.

 The River Nith from the bridge

Perfect - a nice quiet back road

The parish church at Penpont

Auldgirth Bridge.

 The bridge has unusual refuges built into the parapets

 Looks like a nice watering hole. And old - built in the 1500's.

 Spring lambs - new-born it seems

 Dalswinton Barony Church

Spring flowers in Dumfries

 Swans in Dumfries

 Abandoned fishing boat at Glencaple


  1. Nice yarn, and beautiful scenery there.

    1. It was a bit cold (about 5C/40F) for a run of this length (160 miles) but it was good to get out in some bright weather and nice to see signs of spring. Hopefully I'll get further afield by the end of this month.