Wednesday 12 March 2014

FJ Battery

In preparation for the coming riding season I fitted a new battery to the FJ. The old one had packed it in and it's important to have a good battery because it's quite small to spin a big engine and you really don't want to have to enlist strangers to give you a bump start (it's happened)

The FJ has a sealed maintenance free battery. These batteries come "dry" and are filled from an acid pack. After a couple of hours the battery charges itself.

The battery

Acid pack

The cells have foil caps

The pack is pressed onto the battery and this breaks the seals

They even supply a pin to puncture the cells to allow them to drain

Once filled a cover is fitted to the battery

 I got my battery from batterybayuk on eBay - a good price & fast delivery


  1. Strangely enough,

  2. Was gonna say..deja vu...just over at
    Mike's blog...reading about batteries. I like the nifty method of filling the cels with acid...sure beats the pour into each cel individually method...