Thursday, 19 June 2014


Exploring a place we hadn't heard of previously. But the South of France in summertime can't be bad. By Ryanair from Edinburgh to Beziers.

 My now customary pose beside the destinations board

 Some kind of fair was going on in the local park when we arrived in town.

 I wouldn't want to meet this fellow during a walk in the woods.

 Camargue horses

 Trophies were being handed out

 Rose wine at 5 Euro a bottle

 Our apartment was above the bar overlooking a square with a statue of Aphrodite
***Correction - this is the Greek sea-godess Amphitrite***

 Our view across the Herault

 The Cathedral of St Etienne is an impressive lump of medieval basalt

 The town has many old buildings with a typically Southern European faded grandeur.

 How cute is this pair?

 Getting a bit hot for this Scotsman

"The Glory of the Republic" statue was originally erected in 1909 but was destroyed by the Vichy government in 1941. It was only replaced in 1995.

***Update - re-reading the plaque this may be the original statue, it was "enlevee" (abducted) in 1941*** 

***Update#2 - no this is a copy, the original having been melted down presumably for the German war effort***

 Beaucoup de bateaux at Cape d'Agde


 I snapped this on a roundabout whilst passing on a bus. It depicts the sport of boat jousting.

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