Tuesday, 24 June 2014

CBF Spring Clean 2014 - Part#4

The oil cooler was looking a bit rough so I removed it for painting. The steel pipes near the cooler were heavily corroded and this could have become a problem. I cleaned and repainted everything. I used high temperature paint but this is hardly needed since the cooler barely gets warm in the Scottish climate. 


The rear shock was also rusty. This isn't a problem since it isn't leaking and is working ok. It can't be seen but I cleaned it and gave it a coat of stone chip paint anyway.

The frame behind the engine was pretty rusty

 Is painting the rear sprocket going too far?

The bike needed yet another chain, how can a 22 bhp bike chew through so many chains?

The cam cover had a slight leak so I removed it to replace the gasket. I checked the clearances while the cover was off. One valve was a little tight so I swapped the shim. The CBF has a "shim under bucket" arrangement which means the camshaft has to be removed. This is a bit of a pain, but at least access is good on the CBF.

The camshaft is in perfect condition after 43,000 miles and this little fellow spins pretty fast.

 Checking the shim thickness before swap.


  1. Interesting micrometer...never seen one quite like it...at first look, I thought it was a chain breaker! Going through similar maintenance with my fleet...but not having to deal with the kinds of corrosion your Scottish winters bestow upon your bikes...yikes!

    1. I've had it for years - I don't know where it came from (my brother will probably claim I stole it from him) The combination of wet roads and de-icing salt in winter is a severe environment for a bike. For example I spent this evening de-rusting and painting the underside of the fuel tank.

    2. Yes you did steal it from me! I got it at my first job, we used them for measuring the thickness of wire.

    3. Well Norman, at least you know where it is. My brother would borrow my tools...only to loan them to friends...to never be seen again!