Wednesday 28 January 2015

Built to Last

I'm not riding much at present due the winter weather and I was out in the garage this afternoon looking for something to do. I've got an old Black & Decker drill I've had for ages hanging from a cabinet on a stand. I use it for grinding, de-rusting and polishing. So I took it apart. There's not a lot you can do except for removing dust & fibres (from polishing discs) and lubricate the few moving parts.

I use the drill a lot and I noticed that it was manufactured in 1986. 29 years of use - not bad going. 

Ho hum - roll on spring.


  1. You will just have to find something else to fix!

    I could bring over my CB400 Four, its needing a bit of work but I just cant find the time at the moment ;-)

  2. The Haggis Gathering Autojumble at the Cattle Market in Lanark is on this Sunday (1st Feb) A bit of a junkfest but maybe worth a visit if you need anything for the CB.

  3. Didnt see that until today, would have liked to have gone to that. Did you go?