Thursday, 8 January 2015

Into 2015

Firstly I'd like to wish all visitors to my blog a belated happy & healthy New Year.

The winter thus far in Scotland hasn't been too bad. It's been dull, dark & wet (of course) but not very cold with no snow so far and little frost. I'm using my Honda CBF250 on an almost daily basis for short journeys, but will go for longer runs if the weather permits .

My Yamaha FJ1200s are too big, heavy & powerful for winter riding and it's best to tuck them up in the garage until spring. Recently I gave them wash & clean and sprayed them with WD40 to keep corrosion at bay. Through the winter I occasionally attach a tender to keep their batteries charged. I've found that the cheap ones from Lidl work well. These can be left attached since they switch of once the battery is charged.   

I would also like to invite you to visit my other blogs (over there -->)

"Images from the Road" is a collection of photographs from my travels presented monthly or bi-monthly

"Buildings by Bike" is a blog where I visit local buildings of interest. I started this for the times of year when the weather isn't good enough to allow longer runs on the bikes.

I've no great plans for the coming year. More of the same really - getting out on the bikes in search of great roads & scenery and the odd motorcycle event like a show or a rally.

The CBF at Ayr
The FJs come out of hibernation
Battery tender


  1. A belated Happy Holidays and Newish Year to you Stuart...been following along via clunky cel-phone...back to my real computer to catch up on publishing my own blog and leaving comments again. Guess it might be a longer trip for you...but they are already talking about "DirtQuake" again.

  2. Yes, I read that there's going to be a "Dirt Quake" this year, again in King's Lynn, Norfolk. A fairly easy day's ride from here and a lot less than your trip to Washington State. Keep on blogging!