Friday, 13 February 2015


I visit the city centre by bike most Fridays to have lunch with former colleagues. Today, while leaving my usual parking place on the FJ, there was a loud bang and the FJ was on its side and I was rolling about on the ground. What the f….? A helpful citizen helped me get the FJ back on its wheels and I discovered I'd taken off with the U lock still attached to the front wheel.

My excuse is that I don't generally use the lock unless I'm up the town…. but I go most Fridays for the last three years so….maybe the onset of senility?

Anyway no damage done to me or the bike. The FJ has a plastic cover to protect the fairing against such an event and this can be restored using sandpaper. My take off was brisk enough to bend the U lock - but it bent back ok. 

after a little rub & some satin paint


  1. Oops, indeed. I did it with a disc-lock once. It's more the embarrassment than any great damage done. I bought one of those curly plastic cords from a bike shop for about a quid which I attach to the lock and to the clutch lever to remind me not to do it again.

  2. Only 99p on Ebay: