Monday, 2 February 2015

Queensferry Crossing

Today was cold but bright so I fired up the FJ and took a run over to the east to see progress on the Queensferry Crossing. It is over two years since I last blogged on the bridge. As with many bridges a lot of work has gone on under ground (and under water) but the towers of the cable stayed bridge are now taking shape.

The new bridge is to replace the existing road bridge and will join the famous rail bridge crossing the River Forth.

North tower with existing road bridge behind

Centre and south towers and approach viaduct in distance

Three towers

North Tower - I think about half final height
Panorama of the three bridges
The rail bridge is always worth a photo

The FJ makes a rare winter appearance


  1. I can only imagine the work going into putting up another bridge. Hopefully it will be as picturesque as the other two when finished.

    1. This is probably the most famous man-made sight in Scotland & I'm sure the new bridge will add to it. It has taken some time to get this far but there is something like 40,000 tons of concrete in giant caissons below each tower.