Sunday 12 April 2015

Back Roads to Berwick - Part#1 - Getting There

When I go for a run on the bikes I ride a mixture of main roads & back roads. But I had a thought - could I go for a long, all day ride entirely on the back roads? A look at the map indicated that the Scottish Borders would be the best place for such a run so I planned a journey to Berwick-upon-Tweed.

I used my Honda CBF250 for the trip. It's light & small and ideal for the twisties.  

 The route has many twists and turns.

 A bit of route planning was required.

Two miles from my house and there's a photo op already. Craig Mill, Eaglesham on the White Cart Water has been converted into apartments.

 Crossing the M74 at Brocketsbrae - no motorways for me today.

 Old cast iron road sign at Carmichael.

 The red roads of Lanarkshire.

Broughton Brewery

  My first sight of the River Tweed on the road from Broughton

 Daffodils beside the road

 Viaduct at Lyne on a disused rail line


The back road east of Innerleithen and the old railway bridge now used by walkers & cyclists. 

This shows my thinking on the trip. The main road is to the north of the River Tweed, but I took the back road on the south bank.


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