Monday, 10 August 2015

Back Roads to Berwick - Take #2 - Part#2

After Berwick I rode south to the Holy Island (Lindisfarne) The island is reached by a causeway.

A combination of poor signage and a bad sense of direction means that I'm lost again but found this nice viewpoint. 

I didn't mean to but I found myself in Wooler. I was hungry but the chip shop was shut. But the baker provided me with an excellent lunch - a chicken & mushroom pie followed by a peach melba tart. I'd say the pie was so good I would ride back there to buy some more! (Google maps)

  Kelso - and the sun's out!

Floors Castle, Kelso

A great day out and again the little bike did the trip on a single tank full. 288 miles on 14.79 litres = 88.5 miles per imp gal (73.7 mpg US, 3.3 litres/100 km) That's pretty amazing for a bike that’s ridden pretty hard and about half what my FJ burns.

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