Tuesday 3 November 2015

When Things Don't Go As Well As Planned….

It's been foggy here recently. Generally it clears by late morning and the sun comes out. So, based on this assumption, I set off for a run to the Duke's Pass. As it turned out my confidence was misplaced and the fog hung about all day.

 Outside my house at noon.

I've got some anti-mist treatments - they don't really work any better than washing-up liquid. I should have worn contact lenses rather than specs today.

The Duke's Pass - a great road with beautiful scenery. You'll just have to take my word on this. Near this point a van driver gesticulated to me in a "what the hell are you doing" sort of way. I checked my headlight and found that the dip beam & sidelight had blown - I continued on main beam. 

I took the Three Lochs forest trail. This is the splendidly named Loch Drunkie.

The CBF would have been better here - trail riding isn't the FJ's forte.

 Loch Achray

To brighten things up I took some High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos

 Highland Cattle grazing

 Horses stick close together in the fog

Misty helmet

 Returning over the Campsie Hills I got above the fog and could see it lying across the city.

***Update*** My good lady informs me that Kilmarnock, 12 miles in the opposite direction, had clear skies.

***Update #2*** The weather lady rubs it in by telling me that Eskdalemuir (60 miles south of here) had its warmest November day on record. 


  1. I think the weather decided to just be misty in your general location. It may have even followed you throughout the day. Nothing like a little Misty Mountain Hop to heighten the senses.

  2. Great pics though, FJ in the trees is my favorite! I have been riding to work through all of the foggy days (no engine) and it has been interesting!

  3. Great pictures (as usual) ...have got a new computer so can leave comments once more...been following along on the phone and enjoying your posts...with the phone, leaving comments was getting to be hit or miss (mostly miss). Weather here in Northern California has been getting similar...in fact we got the first 2 feet of snow in the higher areas...after all the drought it is surely needed. Starting my 2nd year as an old guy wearing spectacles..not looking forward to the mist problems when out and about on a motorcycle.

  4. I'll go back to the Three Lochs trail sometime for some photos in better weather.