Sunday 28 February 2016

A Run to the Coast and Looking Forward to the Riding Season

This, for me, is an optimistic time of year. You can see winter coming to an end. It's still cold, but much brighter recently and the darkness of winter is receding. It's early yet and March is the month that winter turns to spring but there are signs. I've been doing some work on the FJ and thinking about runs for the coming year.   

I got the bike out for a run today to the Ayrshire coast in sunny but cool weather.

The FJ with snow capped Goat Fell on the Isle of Arran in the distance. I'm planning a trip round the island this year.
The FJ with its new brakes. I've been having trouble with the front brakes for a while so I decided to transplant the whole system - master cylinder, hoses, calipers and discs - from the old FJ. With a fresh set of pads they were working well.
Old mile stone
The famous Turnberry golf course. What sort of person might own a fancy place like this…
The harbour at Girvan

Becoming a more common sight - an electric vehicle charging station
The back roads were a nightmare. It's muck spreading season and the farmers don't mind spreading some of it here.
The whin is starting to bloom


  1. Those harbor pictures are beautiful.

    You can't escape Trump either? That damn man is everywhere it seems, or at least his money is.

    1. "The Donald" has an affinity for Scotland because his grandmother was born on the Isle of Lewis. The Scottish Government were close to him and let him build a golf course resort on the coast near Aberdeen even though it was a protected nature area. He then fell out with them when they decided to build an off-shore wind farm that he said would spoil his view.