Thursday, 4 February 2016

FJ Suspension Linkage Repair

My FJ1200, like most modern bikes, has linkage operated monoshock rear suspension. The disadvantage with this is that there are a lot of needle roller bearings in prime position to be affected by water & muck. I grease the bearings when I replace the drive chain, but when I did this in spring last year I noticed that one collar was corroded. There was no play in the suspension so I was happy to leave it until the bike was off the road during the winter.

To be fair this is the first suspension parts have replaced on the bike that is 24 years old and done 93,000 miles. Replacement of the bearings and collar was fairly simple.

So if your bike has linkages it's worth stripped and lubricating the bearings every couple of years because replacement of parts can become expensive. 

I can recommend these suppliers:
The collar was a genuine Yamaha part from Fowler Parts
The bearings were from Marksman Industrial

The affected bearings & collar
New parts

The rear end stripped down
The rocker covered in grit & grease
The affected collar (bottom) was corroded rather than worn. Since there was no play I could have left it but since the bike is off the road for the winter I took the opportunity to replace the parts. 
Driving the old bearing out
I gave the suspension parts a coat of primer…
...and stone chip
I pressed in the new bearings using a length of studding.
All back together and out for a test ride. Does the old girl have another season in her? - I think so.

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