Tuesday 10 May 2016


The Isle of Arran is in the Firth of Clyde, 13 miles off the coast of Ayrshire. It a long time since I visited the island, as a youth nearly 40 years ago. I can't remember much about it, probably because I spent all my time in the pub. A while back I thought of going over on the bike but the fare for the ferry was a bit much for a day trip.

In recent years, however, the Scottish Government brought in a scheme to encourage travel to the islands called the Road Equivalent Tariff that halved the cost. With that and the weatherman promising something resembling summer weather we headed over for a couple of days.

Travelling by boat somehow makes a journey more exciting
Lochranza Castle
Whin (Gorse) is common in Scotland but seems more so on Arran. There was so much that the air was full of its scent. Smells like coconut, strangely
Stepping stones
The island of Ailsa Craig rises above the haze
Ever get the feeling you're being watched?
There is a road around the island that is mostly beside the sea
We stayed in Lamlash where is was warm enough for a drink outside
Holy Isle off Brodick as night fell
With a offer like this why stay sober?
Lamlash on Monday morning. It was very warm (by Scottish standards) getting up to 25C/75F

Another view of the coast road looking west to the Kintyre Peninsular
The tiny (and silted up) harbour at Blackwaterfoot
Goat Fell from Brodick. This mountain is a landmark that can be seen from all over the Firth of Clyde especially when covered in snow (as it would have been last week)
Swans in Brodick

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