Thursday 19 May 2016

Every Picture Tells a Story #7 - The 1,000 mile Weekend, September 2010.

Old age must be creeping up on me because I can't imagine undertaking a trip like this now. In September 2010 I rode down to the MZRC rally in Porlock, North Somerset on my FJ1200. I did 450 miles getting there on Friday, the same coming back on Sunday and with a run alone the coast and into Exmoor on Saturday totalled 1,029 miles over the three days.

The FJ is a great long distance bike. It's comfortable with good wind protection and its big engine makes high speed cruising effortless. After the trip, however, I realised that the cost of fuel would have easily bought a return flight to Spain.

On the return journey I even avoided some motorways and rode up the west of England.

My route
We ate and drank in the Ship Inn, built in 1290.
A well-deserved pint after a long day
Wild ponies on Exmoor
MZ ES250 Trophy
My accommodation for the weekend
A parade through Porlock

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