Thursday 8 December 2016

A Short Run to the Coast

After some freezing weather today was bright and very mild (13C/55F) so I went for a short (about 100 mile) run to the Ayrshire coast.

Ice cream cabin in Ayr shut up for the winter

Flat out along the beach

Now that is one huge horse. I think this pair are racehorses being exercised.

Ayr beach

This always makes me smile

The coast road south of Ayr

Donald Trump's golf course at Turnberry. It was a very pleasant day for a round.


A very calm sea south of Girvan


  1. Love that picture of Girvan. There is just something about moored boats that I enjoy when the waters are calm and reflective

    Very cool to see the horses racing along the beach as well.

    1. It was a good day out. It was dry and very mild which is unusual at this time of year. Girvan is a busy working harbour with a boat builder, a fishing fleet and a lifeboat station.