Friday 2 December 2016

A Run to the Trossachs

My first run for a while. It's been bright recently but too cold for comfort. However today was tolerably mild and I took a run to the Trossachs - an area of the Highlands just north of Glasgow.

It is a mighty river by the time it gets to the North Sea but in Arrocher the River Forth is just a stream.

Cast iron mile marker beside Loch Ard

Lochside road

This house must have amazing views over the loch.

Loch Katrine

Tearoom at Stronachlacher on Loch Katrine

Loch Arklet

It's only 2pm but the sun is about to set on Loch Lomond at Inversnaid

Loch Arklet

Loch Ard on the way back

Loch Achray

The highlight of the day was catching the sunset over Loch Venachar


  1. What a stunning scenery, especially the reflections look beautiful. I would have expected snow caps on the mountains and crappy weather this time of the year, thanks for showing me otherwise.

    1. It has been cool but dry recently so no snow. We do get a lot of crappy weather but because it's changeable we also get the odd nice day. As you say the calm conditions produced some lovely reflections.

  2. Wow, so beautiful. Those reflections are stunning.

    I was surprised to see the clear cut logging around Loch Achray. Reminds me of what we see here.

    1. This is a National Park so it does seem strange to see this. From the Forest Commission's website I think that this is part of a scheme to remove non-native species that were planted as commercial crops and restore native woodland.